INFORMED CONSENT (hereafter referred to as “The Agreement”) FOR ASSESSMENT, COACHING and WEBSITE Use.
Welcome to This Membership agreement (hereafter referred to as “The
Agreement”) constitutes a contract between and/or the consultant. (hereafter referred to as “ActusREIC”) and yourself (hereafter referred to as “The Member”).
As The Member, I understand I am fully responsible for reading and understanding the terms of this agreement. Questions and concerns that I, The Member, may have, must be addressed prior to proceeding with Services and use of the
Website:The services provided by include Coaching or TeleCoaching on topics decided jointly with, The Member and ActusREIC as well as additional information provided such as online free tutorials and educational. The purpose of coaching is to develop and implement strategies to reach personally identified goals for Real Estate Investing.
I understand that as a member of I am eligible to receive a range of services. The type and extent of services that are provided can be modified as new resources become available and others close.
I understand that personal information shared with ActusREIC is confidential and no information will be released without my consent. I do provide ActusREIC permission to use my picture in still or video along with audio to promote ActusREIC and or in Training Videos for the benefit of all members. Should wish to use a session of mine as an open training for others a Verbal consent from me will be sufficient.
I understand that while and/or ActusREIC, may provide significant benefits to me and/or financial gain, it may also pose risks. is not responsible for any unfavourable outcomes.
I understand that videotapes my consulting sessions. These recorded sessions will not be released to me.  These sessions are stored securely, for future reference if required. I understand that such recording(s) will be used only for educational purposes if given verbal consent and that the professionals involved will respect and protect the confidential nature of the sessions.
Membership or membership access may NOT be shared outside the member and or their spouse. Multiple simultaneous logins indicate a user has shared their account. This will be ground for removal from the club with no refund. The investment of time and resources in producing each training is strictly for members benefit and we sincerely believe each member will cooperate with these terms.